My Chinese name is Wu Wei Hai (無為海), but my friends all call me Wu De (無的). Some of you know me by my English name, Aaron Fisher.

After school, where I began studying tea and Eastern thought, and a Bachelors degree in philosophy, I spent a decade traveling the world, primarily Asia. I lived in several countries before finally settling in Taiwan where I currently reside. My writings and artwork have always been moved by a desire to spread Cha Dao, promote tradition, further the use of the Leaf as a spiritual medicine and foster environmental awareness amongst tea lovers.

Years of meditation and focus have allowed me the ability to quiet my mind, at times. And it is only when my mind is balanced on that equanimity, like a poised crane effortlessly circling above an ocean of silence, that I ever even pick up my brush. This is what the ancient sages called “wu wei”, or action-less action. It is the ripples on the surface of an ocean that is ever so calm, endlessly so, just beneath its thin surface—a sea we all drift on. And that’s why I always sign my paintings ‘Wu Wei Hai‘ (Ocean of Nothingness). Of course, these are but my goals and I’m not always successful in fulfilling them. If you do find some peace in my art, however, remember that this stillness is the real artist, not me.

I try to only paint when I am calm, and almost always after a tea session, ever-attempting to channel some of the Respect, Humilty, Purity and Tranquility I practice onto the paper to help inspire others. I also try to let the tea have its way with the brush as much as possible. You might say that my paintings are stained by some great teas as well.

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